Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chasing Amy Production Notes

Production Notes: Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy is a movie about relationships and how people like to make them more complicated than they actually are. The movie follows two friends, Holden and Banky, and how one woman can completely rearrange their lives. I think this movie is trying to get across the points that if you like someone just go for it. You should enjoy your relationship and live in the moment.  When Holden and Alyssa first meet they have a very palpable connection. Holden quickly falls for Alyssa after their initial meeting and is completely shocked to find out that she is a lesbian. Holden decides to continue hanging out with Alyssa as friends. The times that Holden and Alyssa spend with each other are effortless and comfortable. It’s clear the two really connect with each other emotionally. After weeks of hanging out Holden can’t hold in his feelings anymore and he takes a leap of faith by declaring his love for Alyssa.  This is where the movie takes an uninspected turn. Alyssa is at first angry at Holden’s confession for complicating their friendship but they end up sleeping together by the end of the night. There relationship is questioned by everyone around them. Alyssa’s lesbian friends are shocked to hear about her new boyfriend and Banky is incredibly suspicious of their relationship. Despite outside disapproval the two are happy together until one day when Banky tells Holden a story he heard about one of Alyssa’s past sexual encounters. Apparently Holden wasn’t the first man that Alyssa has ever been with. Holden feels incredibly betrayed by this realization and takes it out on Alyssa. She tries to explain to him that what she’s done in the past shouldn’t effect their relationship in anyway but Holden is too overwhelmed by jealousy. His judgment and anger goes on for so long that Alyssa decides they shouldn’t be together anymore. Instead of letting go of the past, Holden fixated on rumors and lost the woman he loved.

Near the end of the film Holden confides in his friends Jay and Bob. Bob tells him a story about his past relationship that ended the same way. He tells Holden that he realized after the fact that “She wasn’t looking for that guy anymore. She was looking for me. But by the time I realized this it was too late.” This drives home the point that you need to appreciate the people you are with, or else you’ll end up chasing Amy.


Holden – Comic Book illustrator. He’s generally a level headed guy with a good heart. He wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to lay it all out on the line when he feels really strongly about something. He loves Alyssa and Banky is like a brother to him.

Banky – Incredibly crass. He’s constantly cracking smarmy jokes. Despite his immaturity he’s very loyal to his best friend Holden.  He’s very defensive and is always trying to prove himself. This stems from his insecurities with being the inker for the comic he makes with Holden and also his sexuality. At the end of the film it’s addressed that Banky might very well be gay.

Alyssa – She is very outgoing and quick witted. She’s experienced a lot in life and has been in relationships with many different people. At the beginning of the film she identifies as a lesbian but she is actually a bisexual who falls for men if the chemistry is there. She loves how genuine Holden is and his heart broken when he becomes so accusatory towards her by the end. She is also a comic book artist like Holden and Banky. 

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